An Agile Marketing and Business Development Consultancy



  • Go-to-Market Strategies
  • Competitive Industry Benchmarks 
  • Marketing and Business Plans with Financial Modeling
  • CRM, Acquisition/Lead Generation Strategies and Tactics and Customer Lifetime Value Analysis
  • "Inbound" Marketing Tactics (SEO, SEM, Social Media)
  • Email and affiliate marketing
  • Strategic Partnerships/Alliances and Channel Development
  • Strategic acquisition framework/methodology and target vetting for Corporate Development and M&A
  • Interim CEO/CMO
  • ​Advisory Board 
  • And More

NovuScore customizes its services to address the needs of our clients.  In addition to our a la carte offerings, we have also developed a set of modular tools to accelerate revenue momentum:   

  • Go-to-Market Strategic Roadmap
  • Growth Blueprint - build awareness, engagement and conversion
  • Strategic Financial and Operational Plan   

Go-to-Market Strategic Roadmap 

The Go-to-Market Roadmap offers a rapid-to-market strategy and implementation plan for clients who plan to enter a new business, transform an existing business or improve operating results.   


  • Competitive marketplace assessment​
  • Strategy that reflects gaps/risks, opportunities, points of differentiation
  • Vision, strategic blueprint, marketing plan, quick-hitting tactical marketing programs to support strategy (includes customer acquisition/demand generation, “Inbound” social media and traditional “Outbound” tactics)
  • Channel development and identification of potential strategic alliances and partners
  • Financial plan to illustrate business initiatives

Growth Blueprint  

Build funnel and accelerate sales momentum, with a clearer understanding of customer segments with the goal of increasing ROI by boosting lead generation and conversion rates and transforming customers to raving fans. 


  • An in-depth understanding of your customers within the context of their needs and value
  • Tactical growth plan including use of SEO, SEM, Social, Affiliate and Email marketing executions.
  • A tool to utilize available touch points, marketing mediums and value-added product/services to manage customer interactions with the goal of increasing ROI through personalizing the customer experience
  • A feedback process to identify, track and monitor the key metrics used to continuously engage, retain and extend customers’ relationships  

Strategic Financial and Operational Plan

This is an essential financial planning tool designed for the CEO, CMO, CFO or investor considering a significant investment; the purchase or sale of a company or of a business unit; the launch of a new line of business; or major strategic shifts in an existing business.  The plan builds from the top-down (starting with sizing the market and business opportunity); and from the bottom-up (assessing the strengths, assets and capabilities of the client firm).  


  • A complete set of pro-forma financial statements
  • An identification and assessment of key operating metrics that can be used to benchmark and reality-test the business plan
  • Plan model to utilize as an ongoing management tool